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by Marylou Kneale


Categories: Latest Thinking, News

About the Author: Marylou Kneale


As South Africans face more change post election, Trust in Companies, Brands and other Stakeholders will become more important than ever.

Trust and relationships are the currency of business and the natural result of our actions, words, communication and intentions. When there is Trust between people and the companies they deal with, there is a greater sense of stability and connection, with a higher likelihood of consideration and loyalty.

Given all the change during the first half of this year:

  • How is your brand faring as a Trusted brand?
  • Are you building or eroding Trust in your company?
  • What does “Trust” mean to your clients, staff and suppliers?
  • Are perceptions enabling or hindering your brand promise?
  • Has Trust in your offering increased or decreased?
  • Is your delivery supporting the Trust you promise?

Many companies don’t know the answers, yet Trust will be a cornerstone of decision making.

Times of change heighten the need for current insights and understanding of your market, customers and competitors.

At Livingfacts we have 23 years’ worth of experience in understanding the Why, What and Where about clients, competitors and markets. We work with you in providing current insights to understand your challenges better.

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