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by Marylou Kneale


Categories: News, Trending

About the Author: Marylou Kneale

Over the past 2 months South Africans have experienced yet another round of significant change – an election, the formation of a Government of National Unity, a Presidential inauguration and a new cabinet. In addition, there has been consolidation in companies, along with a few multi-nationals leaving and other new ones entering the country.

AI is also changing the way business is done, some skills are in short supply and inflation continues to put pressure on growth and prices.

What does it mean for business? How is your business changing the way you engage and service your customers? If new approaches and systems have been put in place are these working effectively for your customers?

Questions being asked among our clients are:
  • How do we overcome the new challenges we face?
  • Is our market changing or evolving?
  • What do our customers think of our company and brands?
  • Do we stand out?
  • Are our systems and process effective for our clients?
  • Are there opportunities?

Much of what we did before may not be relevant given the significant change we are experiencing, and we need to keep abreast of how our B2B clients are changing their behaviours and strategies as South Africa evolves.

At Livingfacts we have 23 years’ worth of experience in understanding the Why, What and Where about clients, competitors, and markets. We work with you to provide current insights to better understand your challenges.

Want to learn more about your customers and how they are faring in these times?

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