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Humanness in technology

Humanness in technology – sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it!

When reviewing research which Livingfacts conducted during 2023, a consistent trend was noted.  There is a strong need for people to be supported by people, while they find, learn about and use self-service Platforms, Company websites, Chatbots, Apps and social media for both business and personal needs.

There is a proliferation of technology enabled options for investigating products, purchasing, servicing, reviewing and repurchase, which is likely to increase and transform with the use of AI.

While this is essential to reducing costs, enhancing service and being more efficient, people are feeling increasingly overwhelmed. There is a gap between what the portal, platform, bot, or App can do and how comfortable and equipped people are to use them.

We have also noticed that when we provide feedback to clients about what customers want from these platforms, it is often already there but customers either don’t know about it or they don’t know how to use it.

To change behaviour and ensure customers experience the intended benefits of digital channels, there is a need for human support.

We see human support being provided in the following ways:

  • When developing your company’s app or platforms, use a “dialogue” that is appropriate to the target audience – one they resonate with and is understood.
  • Once the “tech” has been launched, provide support and education on how to use it – short videos explaining what to do, how it could change on different operating systems, along with answers to FAQ,
  • The role of the call centre will change and include the need for staff to help customers use the technology.
  • Being patient and understanding
  • Providing effective escalation and intervention when queries cannot be answered or handled online.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” Matt Mullenweg Social Media Entrepreneur

Do you know what your customers think of the support they are getting when using your platforms, apps and bots? Isn’t it time to ask them?

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