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by Marylou Kneale


Categories: Featured, News

About the Author: Marylou Kneale

20th birthday

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 20th birthday in such interesting times.

What we have learnt along the way is that while many elements of research have changed, the core of good research has stayed the same – understanding clients’ challenges, asking the right questions of the right people in an appropriate way, obtaining quality samples, looking for the nuggets in the data and building enduring relationships.

On the flip side, we remain curious and adaptable – investigating new research approaches, learning about new business sectors and challenging ourselves on how best to do quality research on our African continent.

To our clients, and especially those who have been with us for most of this incredible journey, we cannot thank you enough for your loyalty and enquiring minds.  The long term partnerships we have established make us incredibly proud.

To those we are still to partner with, we look forward to enabling you to solve challenges, build the best product, services and experiences for your client and create long term connections.

To our suppliers and staff, we love sharing this milestone with you and thank you all, for your support and commitment along the way.

Providing “Priceless Insights” remains our goal and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays.


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