Act like a start-up

As we move toward the end of 2020, businesses are re-imagining what their businesses should look like, what they stand for and how they deliver for 2021 and beyond. Much has been said about re-inventing oneself and being flexible, adaptable and agile but perhaps the best phrase I have seen is “Act like [...]

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Delivering despite disruption

Businesses are experiencing rapid and disruptive change. However, during all of this, your business  needs to ensure its delivering to meet customers’ needs. What will keep your customers loyal: Making sure your product is still relevant to their needs Pricing is in line with their current expectations Making it easy to do business [...]

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Research as we look over the COVID wall

As I write we have passed 300 days of lockdown, are settling into a different rhythm, with new behaviours while still facing rising infections. It feels a little like being behind a wall and we don’t yet know what the other side looks like. Will we, and others think, feel and behave as [...]

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Trust in challenging times

At this moment in time, trust is an extremely important attribute for companies and brands and is being tested the world over, as trust in governments, companies and communities is being questioned. Doing what you say you do, or believe in, is critical to ensuring trust remains intact. It’s a brittle relationship: building [...]

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