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Livingfacts research shows need for social media skills for the youth
Biztech Africa
DATE 10 June 2019

Research found that 62% felt negatively about employment prospects in SA, yet only…
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Fifteen women selected for EY’s 2018 Entrepreneurial Winning Women programme
EY Africa Media News Press
DATE 21 August 2018

Are are proud to announce that our MD, Marylou Kneale was selected.
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Leveraging Word-of-Mouth & Advocacy to Drive Customer Loyalty Behavior
Michael Lowenstein
DATE 13 February 2017

These are words, as well as concepts, that are on the lips and minds of virtually every marketer…
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Numbers vs. Facts – what do you really need to know?
Vic Crain
DATE 18 July 2016

Vic Crain says these aren’t reasons to avoid doing research. They are reasons to rethink how you do research.
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The Financial Fact Founders Can’t Forget
Fred Reichheld
Why does your company exist? Read the business press or company earnings statements, and the answer seems obvious: profit.
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6 Steps to Integrating Big Data & Market Research
Chris Martin
Interesting approach to the big data versus research conundrum – collaboration or competition. We think collaboration benefits everyone.
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