In celebrating our 20th birthday, Livingfacts is embracing the need to refresh and reinvent.

Welcome to Livingfacts 2.0 and the launch of our new website.

Research is more important than ever as customers’ needs change and new challenges present themselves.

While we know the fundamentals of quality research remain the same, the way in which we engage with businesses and consumers, and what we can expect of them, has changed.

6 focus areas for research going forward:

  • Choosing the right methodology for the purpose is key
  • Keeping questionnaires focused is essential
  • Obtaining a representative sample is critical
  • Qualitative information is as vital as understanding the numbers
  • Efficiencies and cost-effective solutions are non-negotiable
  • And actionable insights are core to what we deliver.

We hope you enjoy the new look, updated research approaches, articles and what our clients have to say about us.