As we move toward the end of 2020, businesses are re-imagining what their businesses should look like, what they stand for and how they deliver for 2021 and beyond.

Much has been said about re-inventing oneself and being flexible, adaptable and agile but perhaps the best phrase I have seen is “Act like a start-up”.

What does that mean for businesses large and small?

  • Revisiting your business purpose and your brand promise
  • Relooking at the product portfolio and its relevance to the current and future client
  • Redefining pricing strategies in light of reduced budgets and income
  • Developing an ecommerce strategy if you don’t have one and integrating it with your traditional place of purchase
  • Understanding how personal relationships can be started, developed and maintained online
  • Adjusting policies, procedures and renumeration considering the work home scenario
  • Amplifying the use of appropriate social media, along with traditional media to reach your customers and clients
  • Re-imagining your processes to make them safe and secure for customers, while being quick and easy to use

Key questions companies and brands need to answer are:

  • What do we stand for and is it still relevant?
  • Which products and services do we need to change?
  • Is our pricing in line with the market and expectations?
  • Where are our customers finding and engaging with us?
  • Is our CX and UX experience aligned to and up to customer standards?
  • Is our communication and marketing resonating with our customers?
  • How can we simplify and improve our processes and procedures?