As I write we have passed 300 days of lockdown, are settling into a different rhythm, with new behaviours while still facing rising infections.

It feels a little like being behind a wall and we don’t yet know what the other side looks like.

Will we, and others think, feel and behave as we always have, or will we fundamentally change our habits and beliefs or only change things for now and then revert back to our previous beliefs and behaviours?

Questions being asked by businesses, clients, their customers, and our own staff are:

  • When will it be over/better/different?
  • What will it look like on the other side?
  • What will people want?
  • Are we doing enough?
  • What do our customer think of our brands and delivery?
  • Are there opportunities?
  • How do we overcome our challenges?
Never before has there been this much uncertainty with such limited insights to draw from. The need for current understanding and insights into your market, customers and competitors is more important than ever.