At this moment in time, trust is an extremely important attribute for companies and brands and is being tested the world over, as trust in governments, companies and communities is being questioned.

Doing what you say you do, or believe in, is critical to ensuring trust remains intact. It’s a brittle relationship: building trust takes time; breaking it takes a few bad experiences, controversial social media posts or poor communication.

Questions companies need to be answering are:

  • Is your brand a trusted brand?
  • Are you building or eroding trust?
  • What does trust mean to your customers, stakeholders, staff and suppliers?
  • Has trust in your offering increased or decreased in the last 6 months?
  • Is your customer or user experience supporting your promise?
Through COVID have you done enough to build trust among your customers, stakeholders, staff and suppliers?
Most companies don’t know the answers at the moment, yet Trust will be a cornerstone of decision making in the future.