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Hybrid methodologies in business-to-business research

By |11th Jun 2021|HYBRID B2B RESEARCH|

In the early part of my career - when business life was more structured, somewhat slower and people were easier to access – one was unlikely to have considered a hybrid approach to B2B research. There were clear preferences for a type of methodology, quant often followed qual and there was not the proliferation of methodologies available to researchers.

Livingfacts 2.0 – refresh and reinvent

By |19th Mar 2021|NEWS|

Research is more important than ever as customers’ needs change and new challenges present themselves. While we know the fundamentals of quality research remain the same, the way in which we engage with businesses and consumers, and what we can expect of them, has changed.

Act like a start-up

By |2nd Feb 2021|NAVIGATING COVID|

As we move toward the end of 2020, businesses are re-imagining what their businesses should look like, what they stand for and how they deliver for 2021 and beyond. In this light, much has been said about re-inventing oneself and being flexible, adaptable and agile but perhaps the best phrase I have seen is “Act like a start-up”’

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